How do I know which level I should purchase?

It is always best to start with Level 1, and move your way up from there. 

If you have participated in an offline 4-week course with Nigora, then you may start at Level 2, although Level 1 contains some vital information about diet and supplement recommendations.

What is the difference between the 3 levels? 

Each level carries 4 weeks of facial exercises. Each week has its own carefully devised protocol that guarantees great results. Some exercises repeat themselves, yet some are totally new. 

In addition each level carries a new theme: Level 1 focuses on diet & supplements; Level 2 focuses on skin care routine and products; Level 3 focuses on breathing exercises and meditation.

In the videos you talk about downloadable worksheets, how come I don’t have access to them?

Only if you have purchased the package options Beauty Addict or

Beauty Addict +, you get access to all the worksheets, which accompany the videos, and you will be able to download them and print them as per your convenience.

Am I too old for these online courses?

You are never too old. You are beautiful and always deserve extra ME time. In fact, elder students who are 60+ can benefit tremendously from the exercises and will have an even more visible result from the facial workouts and massages than the youngsters. It may be difficult to move the muscles in the face initially, but it will only take a 5-6 sessions to get them twitching and eventually moving. 

Am I too young for these online courses?

It is recommended to start early as a preventative measure. But if you have hit 25, your clock is ticking already ☺ as the collagen and elastin production start to fall right around this age. 

Can men participate in these courses?

Absolutely! Men are so welcome! Women and men have the same facial structure, the same number of facial muscles that also tend to fall as gravity takes place. Exercising the face will enable men to keep the face fresh, remove dark circles and enjoy the long lasting ageing process.   

What if I don’t understand an exercise?

If you don’t understand an exercise, it is best to not do it and message into the private chat available at each level. Otherwise, if you are a member of the Facebook Group you can ask directly in that group. 

What if a particular facial muscle is not moving at all during an exercise shown?

At first it may not move, and it may actually take weeks or months to get a muscle moving. But stay assured that a muscle is there, it is just sleepy and not used to you trying to move it. Stay focused, slow down the movement and keep trying. 

What if I have questions during the course?

What if I have questions during the course?

You can always send in your questions into the private chat group available at each level, or email support@faceculturestudio.com. If you are a member of the private Facebook Group you can also always put your questions in there.

Do I have to upload the before and after photos? Will they be used for social media?

We will not use your information or photos for social media unless you have given us the permission to do so. The before and after photos are a must for each level of the course as this is how we will see your progress and if there are areas that need more attention. 

Can I get a refund

on the courses?


there are no refunds offered. 

Are all courses and events offered ONLINE? 

Nothing offline?

Most of the courses and events (webinars, parties, workshops) will be offered online. However, if you live in Dubai, UAE there will be a chance to attend some live events with Nigora. Stay connected with our social media to be in the loop!

How can I be part of the private

Facebook Group?

The private Facebook Group is only for the members that have bought the following packages: Beauty Teaser, Beauty Addict and Beauty Addict +.

How can I participate in 

the monthly Zoom parties?

The monthly Zoom parties are organised for members that have bought Beauty Addict or Beauty Addcit + packages.

However, there will always be tickets available for purchase for the general public. 

What if I have paid for the course, but haven’t received any follow up email or link?

Please don’t worry and send an email with your inquiry to support@faceculturestudio.com







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